• North Shore Story: Reputation Management in Minnesota
    North Shore Story: Reputation Management in Minnesota

    While vacationing with our family on Minnesota's beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior, our car suffered a mishap in a construction zone. A large rock tumbled out of the dump truck in front of us and before we could react or stop, we had driven over it, leaving a 5 inch hole in the oil pan. We immediately pulled over to Split Rock State Park, where I began searching for a tow service. Luckily, I had seen a tow truck assisting someone else at another Minnesota State park two days earlier, and I remembered the name: Blazers Auto Service. Using my smartphone, I ran a search on Google and discovered that:

    • a Blazers does not have a web site.
    • b. There are plenty of online reviews - SOME QUITE NEGATIVE - in various directories (Yahoo Local, Yelp, etc.) with the phone number.

Phone icon for calling web design Call Today:

  • (877) 455-4994 (toll free)
  • (612) 594-4495 (cell)

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